SHREDX2015finalThe SHREDX sessions are events held during the JHPowWow are designed to showcase the History, aRt, Entertainment and Design of snowboarding culture.

Every year we bring together pioneers, innovators, renegades, designers and artists to share their stories in an effort to strengthen the snowboard community through storytelling in a live forum.

SHREDX Presenters for 2015:

Robert “RG” Garrett- OG Jackson Hole Snowboarder-the beginning.

Tim Zimmerman- Legendary Shred Photographer shared his favorite photos from the season.

Jeremy Jolley- The history of the Avalanche Tranceiver

Alex Yoder- The evolution of snowsurf, presentation of the Gentemstick film “The Northern Sky”.

Pass the Mic Session at the Igneous Factory featuring Chad Ottenbreit’s amazing vintage snowboard collection.

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THE NORTHERN SKY from Farm League on Vimeo.


Presenters for 2014:

Chris Figenshau shared his behind the scenes photos of his trip to the Himalayas with Jeremy Jones.

Alex Hillenger shared the best images from the ASYMBOL #PassItOnProject.

Stephen Koch shared his career as a pioneering snowboard mountaineer, and his quest to snowboard the 7 summits.

Jeff Grell shared his inspiration behind the invention of the highback binding, and many amazing stories and images from his extensive snowboard history archives.


Presenters for 2013

Travis Rice and Alex Hillenger telling the stories behind some of the beautiful pieces of art and photography featured in ASYMBOL gallery.

Rob Kingwill from AVALON7 sharing the Activate Technique for leading a centered, focused life through snowboarding.

Pass the Mic: At the end of the night, we had an amazing “Pass the Mic” session where JH PowWow attendees shared their stories of the first time they rode a snowboard.

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